Applications open for:
Druid Tank
Elemental Shaman

We need about 15 people all in all for 25m content. While it says we need specific people, that's generally more for immediate concerns. All applications are welcome, and you'll see why next! Keep reading.

How this works:

You read this and go, "Oh yeah, I'm a pretty awesome dude," so you message Arbaal, Fraiya, Imtheboss, or Jihadia online during 3am-12pm server time for a ginvite. Once you're golden there, you'll be thinking to yourself: "Now what?"

Well, do well with your class, play well with others. Vent is required, but a mic is optional. You'll remain on probationary raiding status until one of two things happen. We like you enough to stick around the guild as either a social or raiding member, or we kick your ass to Legend, where they'll take care of your thilly ass.

Now you might be thinking, "Jeez, what a bunch of arrogant prissy whores," but that's where you're wrong. Given the demographic of the server, and the propensity for crashes, I have to structure the recruitment process in such a way. You have nothing to worry about if you can pay attention and dps/heal well.

Hope to see you soon!

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